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Newton-Everett has been a leading innovator of condition specific, specialty supplements for men, women and children. Each proprietary formula uses cutting-edge and clinically proven ingredients to provide care for our customer’s various health needs. An obsession with quality. We make products our friends, family and we want to take. That might explain why we’re so committed to the highest standard of quality. 


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Natural, Organic, and Suitable for Vegetarians. 100% natural enzymes, grains, greens and probiotics!

In order for us to maintain good health, it is important to have a well rounded diet, preferably one that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and Vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibre, and carbohydrates that are essential fuel for the body. 

JUICE-RITE®, the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy all the health benefits associated with the daily intake of all organic fruits and vegetables!


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Just a few of our stellar customer reviews!

5,000 IU 

"My wife and I have been using this product for several years now, and we like that the capsule contains 5000IU of vitamin D3 in such a small size. It's the potency we want without having to take multiple pills. It is also an economical way to supplement the Vitamin D that we can't get from sunshine for much of the year. It helps us avoid the mid-winter 'blahs' that so many seem to suffer from. We also avoid most colds that others get, and have not had the 'flu' in a very long time.

- William 


"I am an AMD sufferer. After visiting the Optometrist and Eye-Specialist I did search the Internet about this problem. There are plenty of herbal Drugs on the market but most of them do not have the necessary ingredient to stop or improve the problem. So far OcuVisi is the most complete I found. On one eye I have a improvement the other did not get worse. It is a long process..."

- Derrick


"I find these capsules very useful. I am completely lactase deficient and they allow me to eat dairy products without the unpleasant side effects I would normally experience. I prefer the capsules to the other brand of lactase tablets which are available here as the capsules can be swallowed and I don't like the taste of the tablets which have to be chewed. I would highly recommend these..."

- Mark