ISOTROPIN-HGH Patch Extra Strength 5,400ng

ISOTROPIN-HGH Patch Extra Strength 5,400ng

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Somatotrophin (HGH) Homeopathic 2C/30C


- 30 day supply
- 20 patches per box
- Use a fresh seal each day, 5 days per week

Remove seal from paper by placing dull side facing you. Fold paper at crease and pull paper away from seal. Thoroughly cleanse and dry an area the size of the seal on either the stomach, inside of biceps or inner thigh. Place one seal on dry skin and leave on for 12 hours. Can be used in conjunction with other Homeopathic products.
Warnings: If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use this product. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use. Keep this and all health supplements or medications away from children.