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Based on 3150 reviews
Helping so happy to reorder

Husband been using together with other prescribed meds and no problems over 2+ years of use, so happy to recommend..


Is the gelatin inside the ingredient is pork or bovin

5 stars

Absolutely worth a try, no question as they have helped my husband to deal with his pain, so give these a chance if in doubt.

Produto maravilhoso, vc sentirá a diferença em sua disposição diária ! e até no seu sono !


A few minutes after ejaculation, the erection is back in top form. You can go all day long with this marvel. Tested and approved 👌

Just started.

I have early stages of AMD. Will update in one month.

Very good product Strength

I take them regularly and are very good for my joints and bones. Even my osteoporosis has improved.

SUPERFLEX-6 150 Tablets
Gianpiero BINELLO

I'm not saying it works miracles but, since I use it, joint problems have improved

SUPERFLEX-3 150 Tablets
Klaus Leschmann

After a long search, I have found an ideal supplier for my Superflex 3. On the homepage, you can enter future deliveries so as not to forget them. The delivery went very quickly by express within 2 working days. Thanks to a sale offer, the price was very good. As a result of my daily exercise, I have been taking Superflex for many years and have a good grip on my complaints.

Excellent product

No side effects and it really helps with hunger. You need to be consistent but it will bring you results.

I find the capsules a lot more pleasant to take than drinking the vinegar. Delivery as always very fast, I'm satisfied.

SUPERFLEX-6 150 Tablets
Helena Wähner

For me, it is the best remedy on the whole market. Had advanced osteoarthritis and nothing else helped. Painkillers also inject multiple doses of radiation. I came across this product on the Internet after a long search. I compared the ingredients of different products. Superflex 6 had the highest value in terms of valuable ingredients. It took me about 3 months taking 2 pieces a day until I became really pain-free. Please don't give up, it really helps. Now I only take 1 tablet and I won't stop.

SUPERFLEX-3 150 Tablets

Excellent product for those with knee problems

This is a very good product. It really works and I would be in allot of discomfort if I wasnt taking it. I will continue to purchase this jproduct

PYGEUM 100mg 120 Softgels
Peter Krähenbühl

I have been using Pygeum for years and have had very good experiences with it. For example, I have to go to the toilet much less frequently at night. The delivery worked perfectly.

Reliable product!

I have been using it for some time because I suffer from chronic prostatitis, capsules that are easy to use and that do not give contraindications and solve incontinence problems and other than prostate inflammation they cause. I have not found any negative aspects

SUPERFLEX-6 150 Tablets
Sandra Regina Pedro Pacheco Pinto

It arrived in 30 days, I still can't feel the result because I've been taking it a short time ago!

SUPERFLEX-4 150 Tablets
Rosemary Brown

I've taken this since 2009 when I found out I had mild osteoartritis (OA) in my hips. I could hardly walk, but now I can do most things, gardening, etc. I stiffen up slightly if I've driven on a long journey, but it soon loosens off. I swear by Superflex3, 14 years on, my xrays still show that my OA is still only mild.

SUPERFLEX-3 150 Tablets
Marcia Ehrlich

I've been taking it for over 10 years and I feel great, without feeling any joint pain, even though I'm already 72 years old.

Bruna Lima

An excellent product, it helped me a lot to get back in my mood. My brother gave me 30 pills and I've already seen results.

Great product

SUPERFLEX-3 150 Tablets
Ingelore Moisel

Because of my knee arthritis, I have been taking SuperFlex 3 for many years and am symptom-free when taken regularly. I have already recommended this product to many friends and will continue to recommend it to anyone who suffers from osteoarthritis symptoms.

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